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January 02


Winter 2018

Executive Note: Winter 2018

Mike Chambers, Chair, VES Board of Directors

Mike Chambers, Chair, VES Board of Directors


Eric Roth, VES Executive Director

Eric Roth, VES Executive Director

Over the last two decades, the Visual Effects Society has used its position as a convener to take on critical issues affecting its membership and the greater VFX community. As the entertainment industry’s only organization representing the full breadth of visual effects practitioners, we are committed to advancing the art, science and application of visual effects, improving the welfare of our members and the global VFX community and celebrating VFX excellence – which drives box office and filmed entertainment like never before.

In this issue we take a look at the complex subject of Screen Credits in a VFX Voice Special Report. Many in the industry believe that VFX doesn’t have a voice, nor does it get sufficient respect for the artistry of its contribution, which touches nearly every film produced and, in some, provides a majority of the on-screen imagery. Others simply want to know why their credits come so late in the end crawl, long after the other creative credits, or why their names don’t appear at all. As a whole, the visual effects community believes it’s time for a change, and the first step towards achieving that is knowledge and understanding.

Our Special Report examines the history of this practice and gleans insights from industry leaders on the challenges and potential solutions to the issue of standardized credits in this dynamic marketplace – and the path towards greater recognition. From our perspective, it’s time to bring renewed attention to this issue of concern to many and move the conversation from private meetings with studio executives into the spotlight, spreading the dilemmas facing VFX facilities and artists to the wider Hollywood community. Read on and let us know your thoughts.

Moving forward, we at VFX Voice hope to bring you more articles that dive deeper into issues of significant importance to our community, while continuing to deliver eye-popping visuals, in-depth profiles and insightful stories that highlight the exceptional artists and innovators all across our global community. Heading into awards season, this issue profiles our 2018 VES Awards honorees – Georges Méliès Award recipient Joe Letteri and VES Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Jon Favreau. We also take a look at likely Academy Award VFX contenders, as well as 40 years of Star Wars VFX, and more.

Thank you again for being a part of the inaugural year of this exciting new addition to our organization’s legacy.

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