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July 09


Summer 2017


The VES at FMX

For almost a decade, the VES has been a proud partner with FMX, Europe’s most influential conference dedicated to digital visual arts, technologies and business. Every year, VFX specialists, animation experts, games and transmedia talents

come to FMX to present cutting edge achievements, state of the art tools and pipelines, fascinating real time technologies, spectacular immersive experiences and innovative business models.

VES Executive Director Eric Roth led two sessions at this year’s “Beyond the Screen”-themed conference in Stuttgart, Germany. Roth co-chaired the annual CEO Summit with Weta’s Dave Gougé, an intimate conversation with the heads of two dozen companies, focused on the global state of visual effects. Unlike previous years, the primarily non U.S.-based companies represented noted a more robust and positive business outlook with slated projects and staffing on the rise. Roth also had the privilege of interviewing Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences President Cheryl Boone Isaacs. In their discussion, Boone Isaacs shared her insights into the myriad issues and challenges she’s worked to address in her tenure, including diversity and the Best Picture issues at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

While in Europe, Roth met with the leadership of VES’s newest affiliate, the Germany Section, which represents a diverse cross-section of VFX talent in the region. He also spent time with the

London Section’s new leadership, who are approaching the challenges and opportunities in the field with great enthusiasm. VES Board Chair Mike Chambers also spent time with the London Section on his last visit, and both Roth and Chambers will continue to make face-to-face visits to VES Sections across the globe.

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