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December 13, 2019

How the AVENGERS Movies Impacted, and United, the World of Visual Effects

The VFX teams behind Marvel’s THE AVENGERS movies explain the visual effect innovations created by the blockbuster film series (VFX Voice)

Moving Picture Company Closes Vancouver Studio

News that the company was shuttering its Vancouver location appeared on a Reddit thread on Wednesday (Vancouver Sun)

Filmmakers Went to New Frontiers of Technology to Make LION KING More Human

What viewers will get right away are the astonishingly photoreal characters and environments, the phenomenal detail in textures in everything from fur to water to reflections of light (Los Angeles Times)

Facebook Has Spent Billions on Virtual and Augmented Reality. How Will It All Fit Together?

Facebook spent $3 billion to acquire virtual-reality leader Oculus back in 2014, and it isn’t about to risk letting that asset flounder. For further evidence of that, consider its latest spending spree, which may have a total price tag above $1 billion (USA Today)

A Short History of Hollywood Snow Business

Cereal, fire-suppressant foam and even asbestos have been used to simulate wintry weather (The Economist)

Ask Me Anything: VFX Pros Tell All – Greg Anderson, FuseFX

FuseFX Head of Studio-NY and Senior VFX Supervisor Greg Anderson participated in a interactive live webcast with VES, sponsored by Autodesk (Vimeo)

VFX Teams Break Down Their Technical Advancements

The visual effects pros behind the year’s most innovative films share how they generated two Will Smiths, dropped 50 years from Robert De Niro and created the Disney remake’s landscape (The Hollywood Reporter)

Jellyfish Pictures Opens New South London Studio

The new studio is home to 200 artists and, in addition to its other four studios spread across South London and Sheffield, will be the company’s official headquarters (Computer Graphics Weekly)

Stop-Motion MISSING LINK‘s Connection to KING KONG

Laika Studios has been Oscar-nominated for its first four films. Their track record is likely to continue with MISSING LINK (Variety)

Rooster Teeth Promotes VP Head of Production & Animation Co-Heads

Rooster Teeth, a WarnerMedia company, announced Thursday that Doreen Copeland has been promoted to VP, Head of Production, and Joe Clary and Sean Hinz have been promoted to Co-Heads of Animation (Animation Magazine)


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