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Welcome From the VES Leadership

When the theater lights dim, when the TV screen glows, when the headset is in place – that’s when the artistry and innovation of visual effects comes into the spotlight. That’s when we revel in the talent, ingenuity and passion that bring us truly remarkable imagery and immersive experiences, all in service to the art of storytelling. Today, with the introduction of VFX Voice, we are ushering in a new era. A new platform to recognize and illuminate those often unsung heroes, the community of VFX artists from around the world who introduced us to worlds that once only lived in our imagination – and drive box-office like never before.

For 20 years, the Visual Effects Society has been the industry’s only global organization dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences and applications of visual effects. It has been our proud mission to elevate visual effects as an integral element of the art and business of all areas of entertainment and redefine its profile on a global scale.

Over the last two decades, the VFX industry has evolved and grown at a rapid pace. Our membership – which now includes more than 3,400 members from diverse disciplines in 35 countries, with 11 member Sections worldwide – reflects an industry that is constantly reinventing itself. Developing a magazine has been a longstanding goal of the VES, and introducing you to the premiere issue of VFX Voice, our new signature print and online publication, is a truly exciting way to embark on our next 20 years.

In developing VFX Voice, we had a clear vision. We set out to create a magazine that embodies our charge in educating, celebrating and supporting visual effects artists and enhancing a connected global community. To offer a tangible demonstration of the artistry and innovation conceived by talented professionals advancing the field, who can further raise the awareness and value of our industry among business and entertainment stakeholders. To craft content reflecting the diversity of the VES membership and visual effects industry, inclusive of film, television, commercials, animation, special venue, games and new media. And to provide a magazine that is at once a benefit to our valued membership and a new must-read publication for the industry at large. We are immensely proud of the work that’s been done to meet these lofty goals in launching our inaugural issue.

What you’ll see in this premiere issue and those to come is that sense of joy and wonder in what we all do daily. You’ll find it in compelling profiles of industry leaders and pioneers who share their inspirations and how they got to where they are. Insightful craft roundtables that tackle industry trends, challenges and opportunities. Back stories you’ve never heard on projects you know and love. Exclusive glimpses into projects just hitting audiences. Deep dives into VFX artists as problem-solvers who relish the thought of conquering what some deem impossible. Tech news that highlights barrier-busting inventions and new applications. Roundups from across the globe showcasing VES members in action. Historical reviews coupled with an eye towards what comes next. And visuals that make VFX Voice a coffee table centerpiece well worth holding on to.

In addition to our quarterly magazine, you can read VFX Voice online at vfxvoice.com. It houses the digital version and will be a robust platform of news and features, keeping you engaged and up to speed on the VFX industry and the people who make it tick.

Getting to our launch is due to many people who share the vision and worked collaboratively to make VFX Voice a reality. Thank you to the VES Board of Directors for fostering this long-held goal of the organization; to our Publication Workgroup for lending your time, talents and resources to the creative and business development process; and to the VES staff for its commitment to excellence. VFX Voice has an esteemed creative leadership team at the helm, led by Publisher Jim McCullaugh, who previously served as the Publisher of the award-winning American Cinematographer magazine, Editor Ed Ochs, who comes to VFX Voice with decades of editorial experience, notably as Editorial Director, Special Issues for Billboard Magazine, and Alan Alpanian, a multiple award-winning creative director responsible for the launch of hundreds of leading entertainment brands. We have the benefit of a world-class team of creative directors, editors and writers. And VFX Voice also brings a venerated Advisory Board to the production, lending insight and expertise to its editorial focus.

On behalf of the VES, we hope that VFX Voice is your new source of information and inspiration that celebrates this industry we all love and tethers us ever closer together. We welcome you as readers, future advertisers and valuable contributors to its continued success. Please let us know your thoughts – we want to hear your ideas and feedback. Thank you again for joining us on this exciting endeavor.

Mike Chambers Signature
Mike Chambers, Chair, VES Board of Directors

Eric Roth Signature
Eric Roth, VES Executive Director

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